GoalsIt’s TIME for change...and 1-2-1 Successful Life Coaching helps you to create that change with the best goals to take You forward. We then quickly identify what is blocking You from achieving your Goals. These ‘blocks’/sabotage patterns/limiting beliefs/emotional & mental habits are often hiding in that part of the iceberg that we don’t see – your unconscious mind. Once identified, these barriers are diffused & overwritten with new, positive guidelines to take You forward to your Success.  Life Coaching is about any of the topics below.  It gets you focussed, accountable and on track to achieving the best in Your Self...and it’s fun! Successful Coaching Session last 80-90 minutes and cost £60.
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Personal DevelopmentIs the human equivalent of house ‘makeover’! Successful Coaching clears out old energy & accumulated ‘debris’ that we collect on a day to day basis by external & internal stressors that deplete our performance. Successful Coaching gets You back on track & up to speed!


Stress ManagementIs about identifying the signs of Mental, Emotional & Physical imbalances as early as possible...and minimising the effects of negative Life events. The more aware You become, the sooner You can take action and the healthier you remain. Successful Coaching increases your awareness of the effects of stress & gives You tools to both counteract these effects and ideally prevent then in the first place.


Career & Life“Success is...Liking Your Self...Liking what You Do...and Liking How You Do It” Maya Angelou. Therefore if any of those 3 are missing or lacking...then happiness & success will also be missing or lacking. Successful Coaching will take you on a journey to bring those 3 essential things together...allowing You to move forward with focus.


RelationshipsTo have a successful relationship, it takes someone who accepts Your past, supports Your present, Loves you & encourages Your future. Successful Coaching helps You to be that Your Self... because, only then can you be that person to someone else.


HealthSuccessful health comes with consistently making healthy choices. The higher Your Self Worth...the more likely You will make healthy choices! Successful Coaching helps you to value Your Self by letting go of ‘things’ that are not serving You...then replacing them with new patterns that will help You to create better health. Your health is also a mirror of your stress management.


Fitness & SportWhether your fitness or sports routine is simply for your pleasure...or to compete at a local or national level....there can be many contributory factors that interfere with You improving your performance & achieving your goals.


Successful Coaching can address many of these factors – like, nutrition, muscle imbalances and the numerous emotional & mental sabotages that can impair and even block your success.


Weight & NutritionHere, I want to say ‘don’t get me started on the state of the food chain in the UK & USA’ (we just follow them). As I say to my clients, - just because food is on a supermarket shelf...does not mean it is health enhancing. Supermarkets are profit driven...not people or health driven. Many weight issues can be associated with food intolerances and Successful Coaching offers Food Intolerance Testing using Kinesiology.


Food IntoleranceAn intolerance to a food is totally different to a food allergy, where the latter is normally a fairly fast, immune reaction eg. To your skin, breathing or gut; an intolerance tends to have a slower, even accumulative effect and therefore more difficult to identify. The most common signs of having food intolerances are * Fatigue/feeling sleepy/yawning – especially about 30-45 minutes after eating. *Heartburn. *Stomach/abdomen bloating. * Wind – usually at the bottom end! However, the range of physical, emotional & mental side effects of food intolerances is extremely here are some more to consider:


ChildrenChildren are subject to a multitude of pressures due to 'modern living', and are therefore equally prone to food intolerances that can affect their moods and health.


Fiona is also a qualified teacher in Special Education Needs, and works with many children (and adults) who are experiencing dyslexia, dyspraxia and ADHD. These educational challenges can increase stress levels because they interfere with learning & performance in school as well as the work place. Successful Coaching includes using Educational Kinesiology to reduce the stress of Dyslexia, Dyspraxia & ADHD and enhance learning & performance.